So this is the blog. 

  I really didn’t expect to ever start one of these, but after months of boredom, listlessness, wanderlust, and ennui, I broke down and started one.  I don’t really have any grandiose expectations or hopes for this; really I just need a medium for my madness. Being a certified evil genius and braniac (that’s not pride, that’s fact) I’m not handling post-grad life very well.

I get high off the smell of old books.

I get excited over fun words (hence the use of “ennui”).

Thesis statements make me shiver with antici…..pation.

    This blog is my new way of staving off the madness that will eventually consume my restless mind and leave me locked in a padded room with only an imaginary friend, a platypus named Finch, for company. You should get used to outbursts like that because they will happen quite frequently.

   On a lighter note, I enjoy obscure pop culture and literary reference, foreign films (because I’m a pompous jerk), I like God, but his children frustrate me, and I have a store of useless knowledge that is the result of game shows, google, wikipedia, and way too many PBS specials.