I’m wanderlusting again.

Yes, that’s an actual word. I think. Well, “wanderlust” is an actual word, but I’m sure “wanderlusting” is the verb form.

    It’s that time of the year when I start browsing jetblue, cheaptickets, priceline, and kayak looking at air fares and thinking, ‘I could totally afford that’ even though I really can’t.

   For some odd reason the fall makes me itch to get on a plane. When I lived up North I blamed it on wool sweaters and the bad Muzak on The Weather Channel (they’ve updated, y’know. I heard Lady Gaga during my locals on the 8’s. Oh Gaga…), but now that I live in the South, there’s really nothing to blame it on. (I could fall back on the lack of fall colors, but will only entangle me in a vicious battle of North vs. South that will never have a clear winner.)

    What’s worse is that I recently discovered that jetblue has a promotion called “All You Can Jet” (clever) that allows you to fly as many times as you want in a month. This shameless ploy to make money during the off-peak season  uberly awesome ticket gives wanderlusters* like me the chance to get off the ground and see the world. From browsing through Slate I discovered a writer named Chadwick Matlin is using the pass to visit 30 airports in 30 days.

    He’s doing what I would love to be doing at this very moment.

    He’s a rolling stone.

    Wherever he lays his iPod is his home.

    Unfortunately, “All You Can Jet” costs $700 and you’re limited as to where you can travel. So my dream of buying this pass and using it to fly to Bali, India, and Italy a la Eat, Pray, Love (I haven’t read that book, but I’ve heard good things) is crushed before it even got off the ground. Anyway, knowing my luck, I would probably end up flying to Deer Lodge, Montana; Norman, Oklahoma; and Gary Indiana. Instead of eating pizza in Italy, praying in India, and falling in love in Bali, I would be eating some kind of wild game burger, praying the flight made it off the ground, and loving the fact that my layover gave me time to go to the bathroom. I hear wild game burgers put up a fight even when they’re inside you. I still doubt buffalo is good for the digestive tract.

   Enough about bowels, back to the topic at hand.

   If I weren’t going to Kenya this summer with my friends, I don’t think I would be able to handle the coming months of office work, grad school applications, and writing samples. It’s enough to make you consider an Into the Wild type sojourn. But without the whole rotten moose carcass thing. And without the whole dying in a van of starvation thing.

   You know what, I think I’m cured of my wanderlust.

   Have any of you ever felt an itch to just go somewhere? Have you ever wanted to just hop in your car and roadtrip it up somewhere random?

*Did I really use the word “wanderlusters”? Excuse me, I’m going to give myself forty lashes with a stick of wet bamboo for inflicting that word upon the world.