I think this picture can pretty much stand on its own, but let me give you a bit of back story:

    My Aunt Rachel from Trinidad is visiting and whenever she’s here, she and my mom have a juice-a-polooza. They juice any and every fruit, vegetable, and root in our house. This is their latest conglomeration of crap from our fridge. As you can see it’s separated into three delightful layers so the depth of your sip will determine whether you have a bowel movement in the morning, the afternoon, or the evening.

    It’s not the juice itself that makes this a mom-ism, it’s the presentation as a whole. My mother has put this vomitous mixture in my beer glass from B.B. King’s. (Needless to say, I will never use that glass again unless I want broccoli flavored Yeungling.) To top it off (excuse the pun) she’s put a coffee lid on the glass. Don’t ask me where or how she got a coffee lid to fit a beer glass, but she did.

    In case the one shot didn’t make you retch on your computer, here’s two other views.

Lord help me if I start doing stuff like this.