My bathroom schedule hasn’t aligned with the Potty Prattler’s recently, but I finally caught up with her today. I regret to inform you that P.P. and her boyfriend are on the outs again. This is what I heard at 9:57 this morning:

    Potty Prattler: You know what? I’ve had enough of you! I’m done! You better figure out what you’re doing on your own this week because I’m not having any of it!

    Me: (ear pressed up against stall door) Oh. My. Geesh.

    Potty Prattler: (sobbing) Well fine! No! Fine! (flush)

   Me: What was she doing in there? Can you really cry and pee at the same time?

    This is my life, people; I eavesdrop on bathroom conversations.


    Yeah, I thought so.

* If you don’t know who the Potty Prattler is, check out “Wait, is she? Oh heck no!”