Scene I

My family and I are driving in the car on our way to Thanksgiving service at my church. I’m sitting in the back seat texting my friends.

Mom: Gyasi, where were you last night?

Me: Hmm? Oh we had a Thanksgiving dinner for the college group last night.

Mom: You didn’t tell me that.

Me: Yes, I did.

Mom: You told me you were going out with a friend.

Me: That was Monday night, Mom.

Mom: Are you sure that’s where you were? You didn’t answer my text.

Me: You texted me?

Mom: Yes.

Me: Sorry, I didn’t see it.

Dad: Your mother’s trying to find out if you went out on a date with a boy.

Mom: Herman!

Me: Wow. No, I didn’t go out with a boy. There were boys at the college thing, but on Monday night I went out with a girl friend. We used to work together at school.

Dad: (pause) Gyasi, how come you never go out with boys?

Me: (dejected) I don’t know, Dad. I don’t know.

End Scene