And it’s living in the fridge.

  Two weeks ago I noticed a distinct and pungent odor emanating  from the fridge in my office. At first, I thought it was just the garbage, but after several deep and revolting sniffs, I realized that it was indeed the fridge. At first I thought, ‘No worries, we’ll just clean it out tomorrow.’ 

   The next day, after everyone had cleared out their food, cleaning commenced. We used bleach and 409 (the best cleaner ever!) and scoured down the shelves and drawers until they were hanging on for dear life.

  Problem solved.

  Crisis adverted.  

   The smell was gone.

   All was right with the office again. The happy office dwellers placed their containers of fruit and leftovers back on the shelves.

   Thanksgiving week, actually, the day before Thanksgiving I opened the fridge and nearly had my face melt off like that guy from Indiana Jones when the smell hit me.

   It smelled like something was either decomposing or growing new somethings all over itself.

   With my trusty 409 ( the best cleaner ever?) I emptied the fridge and discovered molding strawberries in the back of the fridge. I disposed of the strawberries and quickly cleaned the shelves and drawers again.

    Problem solved. (I thought)

    Crisis adverted. (yeah right)

    The smell was gone. (I was so naive)

   The happy office dwellers slowly put their food back into the fridge while I did a dance of triumph around a May pole.

   This week, when I opened up the fridge and smelled what had to be Moses’ old sandals that he traversed the desert in for 40 years. I sent an email around to the office letting everyone know that as of tomorrow at 10am I will be exorcising the demon that has taken up residence in our fridge. They are to stay away from the kitchen until said exorcism is finished.

   I’m throwing out the 409 (best cleaner ever my foot) and bringing in a flame thrower.

    I refuse to be beaten by a smell.

    Pray for me.