Do you ever have days where from the second you wake up all you can think is, ‘I’m a bad mother- shut yo mouth!’

    Last Friday I was having one of those days.

   Winter has finally come to South Florida. This means that boots, scarfs, long sleeve Henley, vests, and all sorts of winder garb have been pulled out of the garage and sported with enthusiasm. For some reason, the winter clothes I buy one year I end up hating the next so I always buy a couple of shirts and sweaters to last for the ten days of winter we get every December. This time around, I bought a lovely chocolate boyfriend cardigan, a dusty pink v-neck Henley, and some opaque tights.

    Friday is casual day at my office so I decided to wear my new cardigan and Henley along with a cream scarf I’ve had since the dawn of time. New clothes always give me a confidence boost so I felt like I was walking the runway in Milan all day. My sweater was fly, my shirt was off the chain, and my scarf made me look like one bad mother-shut yo mouth! I was feeling pretty good about myself until I walked past a display window on my lunch break and caught a glimpse of my reflection.

   A chocolate-brown cardigan.

   A pink Henley.

    A cream scarf.

    I looked like Neapolitan ice cream.

   Cue the sad trumpet.