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Breakfast time at the Byng house. My mother has recently become a huge fan of this white fancy pants cheddar she found at the Costco and has been sprinkling its aged goodness on everything edible. I decide to add this new cheese wonder to my eggs. While eating aforementioned eggs, I notice that the cheese has a metallic aftertaste. I bring this up with Mom.

Me: Mom, did you ever notice that this cheese has a metallic aftertaste?

Mom: Are you sure that’s not your fork you’re tasting?

Me: (peeved) I’m pretty sure it’s the cheese. (takes another bite) Yup, it’s definitely the cheese.

Mom: It’s probably like that because of all the calcium. You know calcium’s a metal.


End Scene


    Part of me didn’t want to post this because I was afraid some of you may get the wrong idea about my mom. Then the self-involved part of me regained control of my conscience and I decided to post it.

    I also know that you only need three dots for an ellipses, but I really wanted to emphasize how awkward I felt.

I’ll be taking a break from the blog for a few days for Christmas, but I will be back on the 27th with a colossal post about my church’s Christmas play.

Merry Christmas!