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    Here’s an email conversation my sister and I had the other day:

    Me: Why do tv stations play Titanic around the holidays now? That movie doesn’t scream Christmas cheer. Actually, the people in it seem to be screaming, “Why God why?” and not really “Feliz Navidad!” It’s not even like the band was playing “Jingle Bells” as the ship was going down.

  Did you know that Harry Shum, Jr. (Mike Chang) was in Step Up 3? I may have to netflix that just to see him. I adore Harry Shum, Jr.

    Kira:Yeah, the whole Titanic thing is strange. Maybe it’s the whole count your blessings thing. “Hey, you could’ve been on the Titanic. Count your blessings you selfish bastards.” And I don’t know, it’s Step Up 3D, that’s a vomit polka to me. Although I agree I do love Harry Shum. That man sure can dance.

    The Byngs are certainly a funny (and callous) bunch.