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A giraffe in South Africa

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    In July, I’ll be packing my bags and going to Kenya on a two-week mission trip. I’m thoroughly excited about this because I’ve never been to Africa, I love missions, and I’ve been dying to see a live giraffe ever since I was a little kid. For some odd reason, every time I went to the zoo as  kid I could never find the giraffe. I would get five kinds of excited every time there was a trip to the zoo, but alas, I would never get to see the giraffe. Those little buggers have eluded me for 22 years, but now I’ve coming to their stomping ground and I am taking a freakin’ picture! Even the zoo that I live close to now doesn’t have a giraffe. It has an albino alligator, but no giraffes.


   My friend, Brittany, is a missionary to Kenya which is part of the reason why my group decided to go there.  She’s home for Christmas this month so my group decided to glean some information from her on what we would be experiencing in Kenya. We were having a great time at Brittany’s house. She told us all about the organization she works for, showed us videos of the kids, and cooked Kenyan food for us.

    When we were discussing what we would be doing during our trip, Brittany asked us if we would like to go on safari while we were there. Um…of course!All of us jumped on board the safari train and were rearing to go.  She told us about the warthogs (ugliest animal in existence), the cheetah, the water buffalo, and the (cue angel chorus) giraffes she had seen when she went on safari. I was already planning my photo assault on the giraffes when Brittany added, “But you have to be really careful when you go. This one guy died when he got kicked by a giraffe.”

    Come again?

   “This one guy died when he got kicked by a giraffe.”

   I’ll give you some time to let that process.






    What the heck do you have to do to piss off a giraffe so much that it kicks you in the chest plate?  I don’t know if the giraffe kicked him in the chest plate, but seriously, what did he do to the giraffe? I figured giraffes were pretty peaceful. I would be peaceful if I were that tall. You’ve got the best view of the savanna, what do you have to be angry about? Ok, well maybe drought, predators, and poachers, but other than that you’ve got a pretty sweet deal.

   Even though someone died, I think this story makes me love giraffes even more than I already do. If possible, I’m even more excited about going to Kenya than I was before.

    However, we should probably all say a prayer for the guy who got kicked by the giraffe.

   Poor man probably didn’t even know what hit him.

   I’m sorry I couldn’t resist that one.

  Happy New Year!