The other night I went out to dinner with a  bunch of friends. We were  having a grand old time, me especially because I drank hard cider on an empty stomach. It might have been because of this that I found the following conversation extremely funny:

    Tesia: Kenley’s way too nice to tell a guy that he’s creeping on her.

    Kenley: I didn’t realize it until afterwards!

    EB: Why didn’t you dial 911?! The second he started singing “Lollipop” in the car you should have started screaming “911!” out the window!

    Kelly: Kenley never realizes that she’s in sketch situations.

    Tesia: Maybe we should get you some mace or something.

    EB: I’ve been thinking of getting a Taser for when I ride to work on the Vespa.

   Me: Who the heck are you gonna tase on the Vespa?

   EB: It’s not for people! It’s for the raccoons!

  My friends are awesome.