A few Sundays ago, one of the pastors in my church was talking about spiritual gifts. The message was engaging, convicting, and sprinkled with humor; it was everything I look for in a good sermon. Towards the end, the pastor mentioned a website that we could go on, take a quiz, and discover what our spiritual gifts are. Since I’m a nerd and have excessive amounts of free time now that I’m not in school, I enjoy a good quiz. I especially enjoy a good quiz that is entirely focused on me that I cannot fail.

    After lunch, I logged on the website and quickly found the quiz. It took me about 15 minutes to complete it and once I was done, it gave me a complete assessment of my spiritual gifts. Here’s what the graph looked like:

Spiritual Gifts


Evangelism 9
Prophecy 4
Teaching 15
Exhortation 10
Pastor/Shepherd 13
Showing Mercy 13
Serving 12
Giving 11
Administration 8

    Underneath this nifty chart was an explanation of how I could best serve with my spiritual gifts. I was very excited since I felt this chart fit me exactly. The explanation was even better and as I was reading lines like, “You love the Word, enjoy reading, may be a little shy of strangers, are creative and imaginative, and prefer teaching groups over individuals. You are generally confident, self-disciplined, and sometimes technical. You probably love charts, graphs, and lists.”

    I thought, ‘Yes! Yes, spiritual gifts test! You rock!’

    This is what I looked like:


    I was even more excited when I read, “You are organized and enjoy studying.”

    I thought, ‘We’re going to be best friends, Spiritual Gifts Test! Yes we are!’

    I was as close to euphoric as you can get. Then I read, “You are so concerned with accuracy that you often dwell on the trivial, giving others the feeling that you give too many details. Some may even think you are boring.”

    Then I looked like this:


   A Spiritual Gifts test should NOT make you feel bad about yourself. It’s a Spiritual Gifts Test, not a Spiritual Failings Test.

    You fail, Spiritual Gifts Test.

    You fail at life.

    I’m going to lock myself in a closet and cry now.