These are the things I do that are counterproductive to my new diet and exercise regimen:

    1 ) Jog 3 miles and then eat pumpkin cheesecake for dinner

    2 ) Cuss out Jillian Michaels as though God can’t hear me because she’s making me do another chest fly

    3 ) Cry

    4 ) Decide not to exercise because I’m too lazy to wash my hair afterwards

    5 ) Pretend I’m in a movie and run through a wooded area only to pick up those prickly stickers that grab onto everything

    6 ) Refuse to exercise the next day because I’m too lazy to remove prickly stickers from my exercise clothes

   7 ) Put off sewing the hole in my “good” jogging pants

   8 ) Watch Jillian Michaels exercise and eat popcorn with olive oil and garlic

    9 )  Decide not to exercise because I don’t have new music on my iPod

    10 ) Claim that I am going to “spend quality time” with He-Man and Chi-Chi instead of exercise and then read a book in bed. Hiss at both parents when they interrupt.

     On the plus side, I only have 3 more pounds to go before my skinny jeans stop screaming every time I put them on.