Or at the very least she could be a Batman villian when she gets older.

   Here’s the evidence to support my claim:

   1 ) When my sister’s epileptic dog was having a seizure, Emmalyn grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and flipped her over.

    2 ) She decided to forego crawling and learned how to walk instead.

    3 ) At eleven and a half months Emmalyn sent her first text message. It said, “LEEk$KKjkjkjJJKK$$m$$$$wesdSssdySdaee0 r” which I interpret to mean, “Hello Auntie, I just finished reading my first Dostoyevsky novel and I’d be delighted if we could discuss it over animal crackers and juicy juice during your next visit.”

    Happy 1st Birthday Emmalyn!