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    Who needs enemies when you have parents?

   Dad: Your hair looks nice today.

   Me: Thanks.

   Dad: I’m glad you’ve started doing it again.

   Me: What do you mean “started doing it again?”

   Dad: You’ve started combing it and styling it before you leave the house on mornings. You used to style it in high school, but once you got to college you started to look rough. For a couple of years there you were looking like- Carol! What’s the name of that exercise man with the curly hair?

    Mom: (from kitchen) Tony Little?

    Dad: No, the really gay one with the curly hair. He would wear those short shorts and dance.

   Mom: Richard Simmons!

   Dad: Yes! Gyasi, you looked like Richard Simmons in college!

    You gotta love He-Man and Chi-Chi.

Needless to say, I’m putting them in a home when they’re older.