Why don’t we end the week with a mom-sim? It’s been so long since the last one. I was not a witness to this particular mom-sim, but I had the pleasure of hearing about it early this morning.

   Chi-Chi’s car has been acting up lately, so when she came back from visiting Emmalyn in NY, she took it to the shop. He-Man and I couldn’t lend her our cars for her to work so she got a rental. Now, Chi-Chi drives a champagne colored hyundai. Her rental is a navy blue honda (I think, I didn’t really get a good look at it this morning). You can probably already tell where this is heading.

    Mom: (to me and He-Man) So I was coming out of work and I was on my phone talking to Audrey. When I come out of work I like to powerwalk to my car so I can get some exercise.

   He-Man and I exchange sarcastic glances at her use of the word “exercise.”

   Mom: So I’m powerwalking and powerwalking and talking to Audrey and I can’t find the car. I’m thinking ‘Where’s my car? I swore I parked it right here.’ Now I’m powerwalking up and down the aisles of the parking lot because I can’t find the car. I’m starting to get out of breath because I’ve been walking for so long. Audrey is asking me “Did someone steal your car?” Finally, I looked down at my keys and realized I had been walking past the rental car the entire time.

    Have a great weekend!