My wonderful friend, Hannah, (who takes a schadenfreudic delight in my pain) decided that this was going to be a blog post. So here it goes:

    1 ) Asian television

     Although most of my friends know my love of all things foreign, the majority of them have no idea that I watch Asian television on youtube and hulu.  I can’t even say that the shows I watch are equivalent to Mad Men, Law and Order, or some kind of compelling, well written television show. The shows I watch are more like Gossip Girl. I watch Asian Gossip Girl.

    2 ) Reading my own blog when I’m bored

    Is this narcissistic? Oh yes, extremely. Especially because I laugh at myself quite often and get a high off of how funny I think I am.

     3 ) Singing broadway showtunes in my car

     That’s why I actually don’t mind my sometimes 45 minute commute to work. In my car I’ve played the roles of Mimi and Maureen from RENT, Elphaba from Wicked, Mama Rose from Gypsy, Fantine from Les Miserable, Kate from Kiss Me Kate, and Velma Kelly from Chicago among others.

    4 ) Reading the dictionary in order to find big words that I can later use to impress people

    I really like it when people think I’m smart.

    5 ) America’s Funniest Home Videos

    Yeah, I know that show has been on for 15 some odd years, but watching people fall off bicycles and get hit in the crotch never gets old. For about three months straight my evening ritual was to come home, eat dinner, and watch AFV for about 3 hours straight. I even did this on Friday nights. This could be why I’m still single…Oh well, it was funny.

    6 ) Cutting my own hair

    For some reason I think I’m freakin’ Vidal Sassoon and even after I pay $30 to have someone cut my hair, I will still go home and trim it myself.

    7 ) Telemundo

    It goes back to my whole fascination concerning all things foreign. I try to claim it’s because they play more soccer games than other channels (GOOOOOOAAAAALLLL!!!), but it’s really not.

    8 )  Fruity girly drinks

    Even though I despise insipidus girly things (like rom-coms with obvious plot lines. See The Ugly Truth and anything written by Nicholas Sparks), I love me a girly drink.  If it’s a loud obnoxious color, comes with a tiny umbrella, and tastes more like a jolly rancher than an alcoholic beverage, it’s the drink for me.

    9 ) Greasy diner food

    I just tastes so good going down. It does not taste so good coming back up three hours later, but such is life and then you die. It’ll probably be the diner food that kills me.

    10 ) Ignoring the disinterested look a person gives me when I go off on a tangent about literature/ grammar

    Yes, I know that only a small percentage of people care about the use of the grotesque in the work in the work of Flannery O’Conner. I know that precious few want to hear about the 24 page thesis I wrote on the convergence of Ecofeminism and Biblical prophecy in her work. I am also aware that perhaps two people in my acquaintance really give a crap about an Oxford comma. You should know, however, that you will most likely have to walk away from me in order for me to stop prattling on about literature/ grammar once I’m on a roll.

     And even this is not a fool-proof method.

     I may follow you.