Since it may a few days until I post again (depending on the outcome of the GRE) I thought I’d give you a double post day.

    Stressed out of mind, close to tears, and feeling like I should just give up on trying to make anything out of my life and instead just go live in a hole with a chicken, I sat down to take a GRE practice test. My mother came into the office about halfway through the test and the following took place:

   Mom: Are you busy?

   Me: I’m taking a practice test.

   Mom: Ok, I need to get some work done.

   Mom sits down at desk and begins shuffling through papers.

   Mom: (shuffle, shuffle, shuffle) Where did this come from? Hmm, who knows?

   Mom then proceeds to crumple papers.

    Mom: (failing to notice how my level of agitation is increasing) I don’t need this. I don’t need this either. No, wait, I think I need that. I can get rid of that, but if he asks me for it…No, I should keep it.

   Mom then begins to unwrap a hard candy that must have had twelve sheets of plastic covering its miniscule body.

   Me: SERIOUSLY!!!!!!

   Mom: (innocently, with candy in her mouth) What? Oh are you trying to study?