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    Two of you A large number of you have asked me how I come up with the ideas for my blog. My answer to that is very simple: life. I write about the things I know, see, and experience. After this response the two of you ask me how I manage to write. What do I do to make the funny happen? Well, children, it’s all about the writing process.

    I was an English major in college, so in addition to learning the mechanics of grammar and falling in love with an Oxford comma, I was exposed to many an introspective and overindulgent writer. While observing writers for four years I learned that they all have one thing in common: their writing processes are completely different. Some like to take walks. Some like to people watch. Some need silence. Some need noise. Some demand solitude. Some demand company. Some prefer to write in notebooks. Some perfer to type on their laptops.

    My writing process is a bit haphazard in that I write whenever I have the chance. Normally I write on my laptop, but occasionally I’ll jot an idea down on my hand so that I can remember it later. I need quiet when I’m brainstorming, but if the idea is already there then I don’t mind some background noise.

    Here’s a step by step outline of my writing process:

   Step 1: Come up with the idea

  Step 2: Love the idea

   Step 3: Praise the idea

   Step 4: Bask in the brilliance of the idea

    Step 5: Write a paragraph

    Step 6: Review paragraph

    Step 7: Edit paragraph

   Step 8: Despise paragraph

   Step 9: Delete paragraph

   Step 10: Think

   Step 11: Wonder what I can get away with putting on the internet

  Step 12: Repeat steps 1-4

   Step 13: Berate self for being so vain

  Step 14: Write new paragraph

  Step 15: Like new paragraph

  Step 16: Complete blog post

 Step 17: Laugh at own humor

  Step 18: Repeat Step 17

  Step 19: Get caught by parent and feel foolish

  Step 20: Repeat Step 13

  Step 21: Meticulously check blog for spelling or grammar mistakes

  Step 22: Schedule blog to post

  Step 23: Find spelling or grammar mistake after blog has posted

 Step 24: Repeat Step 13