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   I know I promised to update every Monday and considering yesterday was supposed to be my first update, failing to update was an epic fail. I meant to start this post over the weekend, but I got distracted by Netflix and then a bout of sickness. Really, I was just overtired and cranky. It wasn’t really sickness because my nasal passages were clear and I had no mucus.

   Too much information?

    So I’m in my third week of  Weight Watchers and so far I’ve lost 2 pounds and an inch off my waist. While I can honestly say that I’m in love with the system, I’m not in love with the fact that I’m on a diet. The key word in “diet” is “die” and I feel like doing such whenever I have to say “no” to a cookie. Have I mentioned how much I love cookies? I really love cookies.

   If possible, I love cookies third to Jesus and myself.

    That’s saying something.

    If only to torture myself I’ve taken to watching The Food Network lately. Not the cooking shows, but Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives with Guy Fieri and The Best Thing I Ever Ate. For some strange reason it takes the edge off my cravings for sweets. The other day I sat up until 10:30 watching some chef from New Orleans show Guy Fieri how he makes the world’s best crawfish. I don’t necessarily like crawfish (or any seafood), but I found it fascinating to watch him stir butter and garlic for five minutes. 

    Where was I going with this?

    Weight Watchers is gracious enough to let you have sweets, but they usually have a high point value so you can only have 1-2 instead of the 25,00 that I normally eat. Fruits and vegetables typically have no points, which is how they encourage you to eat more. I’ve been trying my hardest to eat apples, strawberries, watermelon, papaya (which is much better in juice form), and spinach, but sometimes I do ration some points for a cookie.

     I’ve moved up to 4 miles which are not so bad when I’m running them, but make my body go “AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” the next day. Perhaps I need to stretch more before engaging in such strenuous activity. Another thing that I love abut Weight Watchers is that exercising earns you points which you can then put towards food. Like cookies. While my four mile runs hurt my body and soul, I then get to have a cookie as a reward.

 Did I mention how much I love cookies?

   I really love cookies.

   Cookie Monster was my hero as a child.

   I’ve been boycotting Sesame Street ever since they took away his cookies.

   Just another example of the man trying to bring us down.