List of The Big Bang Theory episodes (season 3)

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    (This idea comes courtesy of the lovely Jamie Macbeth)

    About two years ago, I met my friends Jamie and Amanda for dinner at their apartment. We had a marvelous time (as usual) and they introduced me to a show called The Big Bang Theory. At first I thought the premise was a little strange, but I was hooked after one episode. From then on whenever I went to their apartment, we would watch Big Bang Theory while eating dinner. Those evenings are on my list of Reasons Why Jamie and Amanda Are Thoroughly Awesome. It’s right underneath doing madlibs with them on a seven hour flight to Bolivia, but that’s a story for another day.

    Even though we’ve all graduated and live far away from each other now, our love for Big Bang Theory keeps us together. In fact, when I got netflix a few months back, Big Bang Theory Season 1 was one of my first by-mail dvds. Most of the time I would watch it in my room, but then He-Man and Chi-Chi chided me for being antisocial, so I took my dvd to the living room. For a month I would sit down and watch 2-3 episodes of Big Bang Theory after work. When He-Man or Chi-Chi came home they would take a cursory glance at the television and say something to the effect of:

    “What are you watching? Is that the nerdy white people show? You watch such garbage. You’re going to rot your brain one day watching that foolishness.”

   When they saw that their criticism had absolutely no effect on me (afterall Chi-Chi’s favorite channel is QVC so her opinion is moot) they would sit down and mock the show while I tried to enjoy the well worded and snappy dialogue. Eventually their comments sounded something like this:

    “Why does that one wear a turtleneck? Don’t they live in California? Hahahaha!! That was so stupid. You watch such trash. Oh hahahahaha!!! You’re going to rot your brain one daywatching that foolishness.”

   Another month passed and I moved on to Season 2. At this point He-Man and Chi-Chi were casually asking when another netflix was going to come because “there’s nothing good on tv.” When the new dvd would come they would leave it on my desk and ask, “So when are you going to watch that? I’m only asking because I might need the tv later. You should watch it now so I can watch Criminal Minds at 9. Oh you’re busy? Ok, well whenever.”

   We’re a stubborn bunch and when we’ve vehemently hated something we’re loathe to admit that we actually like it; hence my war on Tay-Tay Swift (Tay-Tay!). Unfortunately, I’m a mean, cruel, and vindictive person so I decided to stop the Big Bang Theory train and put Mythbusters in my netflix queue for 3 straight weeks. Personally, I enjoy watching things blow up, but He-Man and Chi-Chi perhaps hate Mythbusters more than they “hate” Big Bang Theory. One day they said something like this: “Again! Really? This again! What happened to Raj and Sheldon? If you’re going to hog the tv could you at least watch something everyone likes? You’re going to rot your brain one day watching this trash.”

   I felt vindicated so I put Big bang Theory back in the queue. Now they make comments like this:

    “Carol! Come watch this!”

    “What? Oh I missed it!”

    “Gyasi, rewind! See! You see what happened?”

   “I don’t get it.”

    “Carol, time travel.

    “Oh, hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!”

    “Gyasi, you watch too much tv. You’re going to rot your brain one day.”

    However, some things never change.