When I was a teenager, I was an anime nerd.

    At first I tried to deny it.

    I watched Miyasaki films at midnight when everyone else was asleep.

   However, now that I’m in my twenties and really could no longer give a crap what people think about me, I’ve accepted my inner anime nerd. This was a smart decision on my part because this past Saturday, Inner Anime Nerd really helped me out.

   If you read my blog on Friday you know that I was feeling a bit down because of grad school. Well, on Saturday morning I woke up with absolutely nothing to do, so I decided to watch my new netflix dvd. Normally netflix is a family thing, but He-Man and Chi-Chi had left on their Saturday coffee/tea run. When they go for coffee/tea it takes them about 2 hours and I didn’t feel like waiting. Plus, I had no idea if they would actually want to sit down on a Saturday morning and watch a movie.

    Now, I’m terrible about checking and updating my netflix queue.While most people check it once a week, I check it once a month. If even that. I put about 50 movies/ television shows on the thing when I started it over the summer and I haven’t really added anything to it since. We were done with Big Bang Theory dvds and we had watched Ghost (Who doesn’t love Patrick Swayze? Communists. That’s who.) so I had no idea what was next on the queue. It probably would have taken me five minutes to find out if I’d felt so inclined, but I didn’t. Anyway, imagine my surprise and joy when I opened up the envelope to find Batman: Under the Red Hood.

   Inner Anime Nerd squealed in fangirl delight.

    With a bowl of cereal and a blanket, I sat down on the couch and watched Batman try to solve the mystery of Red Hood.

    He did.

    It was both riveting and heartbreaking.

    For those of you who know the story of Jason Todd, the Robin after Dick Grayson, you’ll understand why.

   After Batman was done, I switched the tv back to normal and what was on the CW? Dragon Ball Z Kai! The Frieza story arch! Inner Anime Nerd nearly lost her mind she was so happy. If only a Fruits Basket, Cardcaptors, or Gundam episode was playing it would have been the perfect day. Say what you will, but Inner Anime Nerd made me feel much better. She’s fun, carefree, has interesting tv factoids at her fingertips, and knows how to enjoy television meant for ten-year-old boys.

    I think I’m going to hang out with her more often.