I lost 5 ounces and a 1/2 inch off my waist!

  Some people might not get excited about such a minimal loss, but those five ounces were the difference between looking H-O-T-T hot in my skinny jeans and looking like a pop-n-fresh can of biscuits in my skinny jeans. I’ll take any loss no matter how minimal.

   Another good thing is that my cravings for sweets and sugar have finally subsided. The bad news is that I’m now craving salt. Yesterday I had chicken satay for lunch and I had to resist the urge to lick the plate because I was fiending for salt that badly. I ended up topping off my satay with two pieces of turkey bacon which, strangely enough, still fit into my Weight Watchers points allowance.

   My taste buds have started to change, even though I’m barely a month into this diet, and I’ve started to really like some of the things I eat now. Before I would eat dark, leafy greens because I knew they were good for me. Now, I actually open the fridge searching them out. It’s quite sad. I almost hate myself for it, but then I put on my skinny jeans, look in the mirror, and say, “You are one bad mother-shut yo mouth!” The diet really isn’t that bad. I just really enjoy crap food, which is why I have trouble with this some days. My brain refuses to reconcile the fact that I can’t eat an entire family size bag of Cheetos in one sitting and stay fit.

     Again, I have no idea how I got such bad eating habits because He-Man and Chi-Chi live on rabbit food. Hand them a carrot and you would think that you just handed them a map to the fountain of youth. I was cooking up some kale the other day and Chi-Chi nearly wet herself she was so excited.

  Chi-Chi: Are you making kale? What did you put in it? Tomatoes! I love tomatoes! You put garlic in there too! Oh my gosh I love garlic!! Is the garlic fresh? No…well that’s ok. Fresh is better, but as long as there’s garlic in there I’m happy. You put onion in there too! This is the best day ever!!!

   I may be exaggerating just a little bit, but she was way too hyped about some cooked leaves.