I have a friend who, like many, is very wise and is bursting at the seams with common sense. She can spot foolishness a mile away and never hestitates to tell me when I’m blindly rushing towards disaster. We email back and forth quite often and she gives me advice on life because she is older and wiser and bursting at the seams with common sense. Our emails are often very long because we both enjoy each other’s wit and direct approach to things so we try to entertain the other in addition to providing encouragement.

  In one of our recent emails, she succeded in making me laugh so hard I spewed water out of my nose. And I was in public. That should give you an idea of how funny she is.

    The topic we were discussing was guys and how hard it is to sometimes tell the good guys from the bad boys. I’m not one of those bitter single women (at least I try not to be) who thinks there are no good guys out there. There are. My friends are all dating them. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a single good guy with whom I share common interests. My friend and I were discussing this and her preference for bad boys when she said, and I quote, ” if you ever find yourself starting to fall for a slightly naughty, romantically rebellious, smoldering young man, Gyas, gird up your loins and freakin’ RUN!!!”

   You see why the water went flying.

    I plan on taking this to heart and I thought I should pass the advice along to all of you. This advice isn’t just for girls either; guys, there are women of questionable character out there as well. I consider my friend’s advice gender neutral. It works for everyone.

  Gird your loins, people. Gird ’em.