I lost another pound!

   That brings my total up to 4lbs.

   This week to combat my salt craving I’ve taken to eating popcorn and bitter leafy greens with raspberry vinaigrette. I pop the popcorn on the stove because fresh popcorn tastes 1000x better than microwave. Also, I like to add parmesan or white cheddar cheese to my popcorn instead of salt. It’s much more flavorful and cheese is a powerfood on Weight Watchers. Don’t ask me why or how the bitter leafy greens gets rid of my salt craving, but it does. I’m not going to go into the logic behind it. All I know is that I’m happy after I’ve eaten them and they have a low Weight Watchers points value. Any food with a low Weight Watchers points value is my BFF right now.

    Screw that.

    I’d marry a tasty food with a low Weight Watchers points value.

    My standards are pretty low.

    This week I also tried out a Weight Watchers recipe for empanadas.  I made a few slight alterations to the recipe, mainly substituting homemade dough for store-bought. Goya makes premade empanadas dough discs that you can buy in a pack of ten for a dollar. With that little bit of knowledge at my fingertips there was no way I was gonna sit there and roll dough when I could be watching movies on netflix. Which is exactly what I did with the extra hour I saved.

   The empanadas turned out pretty well. My whole family ate them and didn’t realize they were a Weight Watchers food. If any of them are reading this right now they’re probably pissed that I managed to trick them into eating my diet food, but so what? I saved them at least 50 calories. One day they’ll thank me. Or never ask me to cook anything for a family function ever again. Either way I win.

    What’s strange about this diet is that after a month of watching what I eat, I honestly don’t feel like I’m on a diet anymore. For the last couple of days I’ve just felt like I’m eating normally. Yes, I have to think about eating more fruits and vegetables, but other than that, I don’t stress out or get upset about the food I have to eat. I know I said that the key word in”diet” is “die, but  save those wretched cravings I have nothing to complain about. Considering how much I complain about any and every thing on the face of the planet, this attitude adjustment has come as a welcome surprise.

   I think I’m becoming, dare I say it, pleasant.

    God bless Weight Watchers.