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   Sometimes I want to shout, “Does anybody see me!” when people are abominably rude.

   I never do this because I lack the cojones for such an exhibition, but maybe one day when I’m old and stopped caring I will.

   How I wish that day had come yesterday.

   On Monday, after what had been an awesome weekend, I headed into work. It was one of those mornings where I had the hardest time deciding what to wear, but I finally put on a high waisted blue skirt, white camisol, and beige sweater. I was thoroughly pleased with my garb even though it wasn’t the best outfit I’d ever put together. My hair was pinned back because I was going to the gym that evening and couldn’t justify washing my hair to wash it again that evening.

   After I parked my car, I got into the elevator. It stopped on the next floor and a very attractive woman stepped in. She was wearing low rise dark demin jeans, knee boots, and a black tank top. Even though her boots were flat, I think she was at least 5 inches taller than me. When she got into the elevator, she looked at me, and very pleasantly said, “Good morning.”

   The doors closed and the elevator went down another floor before it stopped again.

    This time an average looking man of about 30 stepped in. He was wearing slacks, a dress shirt, and a tie. When he stepped into the elevator, he took one look at the woman next to me and said, “Good morning!” She gave him a faint smile and then proceeded to check her phone. This man then stood next to me for the remainder of the ride and said not one word. He didn’t even make eye contact.

   At first I thought that perhaps they knew each other, but they didn’t make conversation. The woman didn’t even give him a second glance. I was trying to figure out what happened when I looked at the woman and then myself. I looked at her and then myself. I looked at her statuesque figure and my short torso. I must have looked like an oompah loompah standing next to that Amazonian goddess.

   I wanted to hate her, but she was so pleasant before Mr. Rudeness McRude Rude showed up.

   Men, you need to be less obvious when displaying a preference for the more aesthetically pleasing of the female sex.