A German Shepherd dog on a mountain.

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    This is not really a Mom-ism, but just me expressing my amazement over things Chi-Chi does and does not know.

    My mother still does not know how to put an attachment on an email, but yet we managed to have this conversation:

    Mom: You know the neighbor got a new dog.

   Me: He did? I didn’t notice.

   Mom: He barks at me whenever I walk around the back yard. He’s still a puppy so eventually he’ll grow out of it. I say, “Bad dog!” whenever he barks.

   Me: What kind of dog is it?

   Mom: Oh he’s an Alsatian. You can tell by the snout.

   Do any of you know what an Alsatian is?

   I didn’t.

   I pretended to know so that Chi-Chi wouldn’t think I was an idiot, but as soon as I got to work I googled “Alsatian.”

   An Alsatian is a freakin’ German Shepherd!

   After WWI the UK Kennel Club renamed the German Shepherd the “Alsatian Wolf Dog” because they were afraid that anti-German sentiments would hurt the breed’s popularity. Even though the name was changed back in 1977, the name “Alsatian” remained in the parenthetical note for the breed until last year.

   Don’t ask me how my mother knew this, but she did.

   This is the same woman who thought that calcium was a metal.