Causes me to do/say/ text stupid things that only I find funny.

    For instance, on St. Patrick’s Day I was watching a friend’s dog while she was on vacation. I had to walk the dog at 6:15 and 9:00, so around 6:30, I decided to watch some tv. Since it was St. Patrick’s Day, I decided to watch Riverdance on Ice.

   You may take a moment to laugh at me for that.




   Are you ready? Ok.

   Now except for the dog, I was alone in my friend’s house. Perhaps I was feeling a bit lonely because I went on a texting binge and sent my sister about 30 text messages in ten minutes. I basically dictated the show to her. She was working at the time and unable to answer. Thank goodness she didn’t because after reading those texts over, I probably should have been scolded for being such a jerk.

   Here are some of the texts I sent verbatim:

  6:34 pm: “In honor of St. Patrick’s Day I watch Riverdance on Ice!!”

   7:05 pm: “Do you have to be Irish to join Riverdance? I should audition to sing for them. I’d lie and claim to be black Irish.”

    7:06 pm:  “I be from the ghettos of Dublin, thar lad.”

    7:14 pm: “They lied. The riverdancers are dancing next to the ice on a stage. That’s not Riverdance on Ice. That’s Riverdance in close proximity to Ice.”

  7:16 pm:  “I wanted Riverdance literally on Ice. I expected people clicking their heels in skates.”

  7:33 pm:”There’s obviously a Spanish population in Ireland since there’s flamenco dancing in Riverdance in close proimixity to Ice.”

   7:38 pm: “Gaelic sounds like someone with a lisp speaking jibberish.”

   7:39 pm:”Wait! There’s tapping on the ice! I take back what I said before!”

   Really, I have no one to blame but myself when people think I’m strange.

  On a completely unrelated note, you guys rock. Normally, my blog averages about 30 views a day. Yesterday the site had 143 views.

   If I could, I would bring fresh baked cookies to all of your homes.