I’m calling this the Week of Weird.


    Because this week, I’m not sure if I lost, gained, or stayed the same in the weight category.

   On Monday, the scale told me I had lost another pound.

   On Tuesday and Wednesday it told me I had gained two pounds.

   On Thursday, it said I had lost another pound.

   On Friday I was frustrated and nearly pitched the scale through the window.

   On Saturday I went for a run and the scale told me I had gained four pounds.

   Yesterday, the scale said I had lost five pounds.

   This is probably why they tell you NOT to weigh yourself everyday.

   I’m going to err on the side of caution and say that I lost no weight this week. Also, I’m going to listen to Weight Watchers and not weigh myself again until Sunday, which is my weigh in day. That’s probably much healthier for my state of mind. As you all know I’m bat fakaka crazy on a regular basis so giving myself something new to be crazy over is not the best idea.

    Next week is going to be fun because I’m moving up to five miles. Four miles is starting to get comfortable so it’s time to shake things up and run until I’m close to tears. Even though my plan is to be running six miles by May, I think I’m going to push for seven miles in June. The reason why I’m pushing for this is because my Saturday run felt so good I felt like I could have run for another 45 minutes. This could have been the endorphines rather than my sanity, but I figure I should give it a try.  This time last year I was doing five miles and feeling pretty good. Or the memory is so faded that what I’m seeing in my mind’s eye as a smile on my past self’s face is actually a grimace.

   Oh well.

   I’m still going to push for seven miles by June.

   Lest I make you think that I’m some kind of fitness/running guru, you should know that I only run an 11 minute mile. In the winter, when it’s 50 degrees, I can do a 9-10 minute mile. There are people who run 7 minute miles no matter what the weather. I will never be one of those people, so they deserve a cookie.