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    Tomorrow I’m leaving on a jetplane.

   My wanderlust finally got the better of me and I bought a ticket to spend the weekend with my brother and sister in NY. Actually, this short jaunt probably won’t cure my wanderlust because since I spent three days watching Cirque du Soleil: Fire Within, I’ve developed a desire to go to Montreal and speak French with the Quebecois. Mind you I haven’t spoken French since my sophmore year of college. I could see that trip ending disasterously. I would probably insult someone and end up in French-Canadian prison.

   It’s probably best that I don’t leave the country because strange things happen to me when I go to foreign countries.

   When I went to Bolivia the Bolivians didn’t believe I was an American and wouldn’t let me get on the plane.

   When I went to Jamaica I was propositioned for sex on a mountain.

    When I went to Vienna a French flight attendant called me an “American pig” because I said “Excuse-moi” instead of “Pardon” when I was walking through the aisle.

   When I went to Salzburg I got lost and ended up in the redlight district. Awkward.

   When I went to England they made fun of my accent and kept saying “y’all” whenever I was around. 

   When I went to Toronto I got scared of the CN Tower and almost cried.

   You see? Travel doesn’t really agree with me. However, I’m also going to NY to try to clear my head. I’ve been in Florida for six months straight, working non-stop, and it’s taking a toll on my psyche. I’ve never gone this long without a break. In college I was guarenteed a break every few weeks whether it was a three day weekend or a major holiday. Something always came around to cancel class and I was zippidy-doo-dah about that. Yes, I love learning, but sometimes I need a mental health day. When I don’t get a mental health day I start analyzing everything around me and telling my friends to stop ending their sentences in prepositions because when they do an angel loses its wings.

    In other words, I’m myself times 4000.

   I get vacation and personal time at my job, but I have to save it for the fantasically awesome mission trip to Kenya I’m going on this summer. In addition to working with great kids, decorating a classroom, doing VBS, and ministering to people in need, I’ll get to see a giraffe. Did I mention that I’m in love with giraffes? I really heart giraffes. Working for God is great, but working for God and seeing a giraffe is super great. Is that bad grammar? Probably, but I don’t really care right now. I’m really hyped up about my giraffe viewing future.

   Anyway, I’m writing this post so I could let all four of you who read this on a regular basis know that I won’t be posting anything until Tuesday. My wanderlust is dating my writer’s block and apparently things are getting serious between them. So now I want to go somewhere, but I can’t write about it, hence why this post is so scatterbrained. If I’m lucky the midget will do something funny and then I can relate the tale back to all of you. If I’m not lucky, then I’ll probably write about how I become violently angry whenever anyone mentions CATS!

Have a great weekend!