My brother’s a Jehovah’s Witness so he doesn’t do birthdays. Unfortunately for him, I’m a Christian and we are the official sponsors of all birthdays. Christians love a good birthday. What is our major religious holiday? Jesus’ birthday. Enough said. If God the Father and the Holy Spirit had birthday, we would probably celebrate those too. We probably wouldn’t celebrate them on the actual day, but we would still make a hullabaloo and light candles and eat pumpkin spice things.

    Anyway, I’m going to list ten things I enjoy about my brother.

    1 ) He’s one of the few people with whom I can discuss the newest episode of Dragon Ball Z Kai.

    2 ) His last name provides us with hours of entertainment. (Not like mine is any better. It’s like the pot calling the kettle black.)

    3 ) He was able to pick out a lovely skirt for my high school graduation.

     4 ) He bought me a Nintendo 64 and Super Smash Brothers, which is probably the best game in the entire universe.

     5 ) He knows how to put together a suit.

     6 ) He visited me during the summer when it was just me and the midget for 12 hours a day.

     7 ) He got me addicted to Leverage.

    8 ) He still appreciates our birthday presents.

    9 ) He loves my homemade rice krispy treats.

   10 ) Legos. (He knows what I mean.)

       Happy Not Birthday Tim!