I’ve lost my first five pounds!

     And my skinny jeans like me again.

     Now, I know when I first started this diet palooza I said I only wanted to lose 5-7 pounds, but I’m liking the Weight Watchers (and unnessecary articles too apparently) so I’m going to sign up for another three months once my subscription runs out. The diet honestly doesn’t feel like a diet anymore. Yes, I could probably keep up with it on my own, but for me, accountability helps me to stick to my guns. When I have to answer to something or someone I’m more likely to follow through on my goals.

    For this second time around with the Weight Watchers, I probably won’t update you guys as much because if I were you, I wouldn’t really look forward to reading about someone else’s struggles with cookies. (Oh how I love cookies. Great, now I want a ginger snap.) Perhaps I’ll cut down the updates to 2x a month rather than every week. We’ll see what happens as life goes along. For all I know I could lose another five pounds in these next coming weeks and see no need to continue with the Weight Watchers.

    When I call it The Weight Watchers I feel like they’re a superhero gang. Like the Justice League. Except instead of fighting crime, they fight sloth and binge eating. I may have to draw some superhero costumes for The Weight Watchers now. First I’ll have to learn how to draw.

    Curse my inability to draw!