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   As though she knew Auntie was suffering from writer’s block, Emmalyn delivered material this weekend. There were many moments of hilarity, but one in particular sticks out.

    On Saturday, my sister’s in-laws invited us over for dinner. She decided to make apple crisp to bring to their house for desert. That afternoon we picked up the ingrediants from the store. Kira’s recipe calls for 6-8 large apples. We got seven.

    Tim came by just as Kira was started to bake and so the three of us, along with Emmalyn gathered in the kitchen to talk while she cooked. Tom was in the living room watching tv and so Emmalyn would run in there to play with him for a few minutes before coming back into the kitchen. Kira had already cut through about five apples and her pan was full. Emmalyn was reaching up for a piece so, as a joke, Kira handed her an apple the size of her head to play with.

   Emmalyn acted as though Kira had handed her a unicorn wrapped in glitter and dreams.  As fast as her small legs could carry her, she went running into the living room to show her father. Then she ran back into the kitchen, licking her apple with glee. She did this about five times before Tom came into the kitchen holding her apple. Emmalyn was on his heels watching him as he picked up a knife. Standing in front of her, Tom took the knife and cut into the apple.

    I don’t think the impact of what had happened really hit Emmalyn until Tom handed her the piece of the apple he had cut. She stood there for a second, unsure of what had occured, but when he walked away with the rest of her apple, she lost her ever-loving mind.

   Even though she only gave her typical one-year-old scream and ran after him, I’m pretty sure she was saying “YOU KILLED MY APPLE!!!!!!”

    Perhaps Tim, Kira, and I could have been more sympathetic to her plight, but we chose the low road and laughed at her.