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When I was little, all I wanted was a dog.

I never got one for two very important reasons: 1) my sister is allergic and 2) He-Man despises things with four legs that aren’t capable of using of indoor plumbing.

I always dreamed that one day I would come home from school and a dog would be waiting for me. Sometimes it was a Beagle. Other times it was an Irish Wolfhound. Every once in a while, I would dream of a Border Collie. They’re the smartest breed and I thought it would be nice to have a pet that was my intellectual equal. I thought that together we could combine our brain power and eventually enslave humanity. Not that I was an evil genius or anything. This was before I knew Jesus and my imagination ran rampant with these kinds of thoughts. Now I just think of Jesus and books…and cookies.

My dream of coming home to a dog never came to fruition…until now.

For the next month, I will have a dog of my very own.

Well, to be honest she’s kind of on loan.

One of my friends is going to Europe for a month (don’t you hate her just a teensy bit?) and she asked me to watch her dog. Considering I’m so mean to humans, you would think that I would be equally cruel to animals. Nay. I love dogs and I think they’re fabulous. Even though I’m actually more of a cat person. Cats are more morose and sullen like I am.  Dogs are social and tend to be nice to people. That’s the quality that I find charming and irksome about them.

My friend’s dog is called Bella and I’m very excited about the time she and I will be spending together. She’s fun, affectionate, and when I threw a ball for her to fetch, she gave me a look that said, “Heck no.”

We’re going to get along swimmingly.