Given her penchant for eating my underwear I’ve decided to christen Bella with a new nickname. I figure a nickname will eventually endear her to me enough that she may eventually leave my drawers alone.

Here’s a list of nicknames I came up with:

1) The Pantaloon Pincher

2 ) The Undie Connoisseur

3 ) The Punjab of Panties

4 ) Lucy in the Sky with Panties

5 ) Lady Eat My Shorts

6 ) The Boxer Rebellion (That’s actually the name of a band, but I think it works.)

7 ) The Pernicious Pantie Thief

8 ) The Bloomer Biter

9 ) The Commando Queen

10 ) The Crotch Whisperer

I may have too much free time on my hands…

Make use of the comments section and tell me which one you like the most.