Mona the iPod may need to go on antidepressants.

I don’t know if she had a crush on an HTC Evo and it broke her little 8 gig heart or if she saw me pricing new iPods (I wasn’t serious, Mona!), but for the last week she’s been playing nothing but Miserable Girl music.

Unless I’m running, my iPod stays on shuffle because the strain of trying to pick 1 song out of 2,000 would cause my brain to melt and leak out of my ears. Mona and I have the kind of relationship that she can always pick the right song for my mood. When I’m blogging, she picks out opera or classical (don’t ask me why, but when I write I need some kind of brass section playing in the background). In the mornings she finds something calm and upbeat. In the evenings she always chooses a broadway showtune or gospel song. On Friday evenings she always manages to find something mildy in appropriate (Toma by Daddy Yankee has been a favorite in the past) for me to blast out the car windows as I race of the parking garage laughing maniacally. She’s the best iPod ever.

This is why her sudden and illogical mood swing is hard to comprehend.

Here’s a list of some of the songs Mona’s been playing for the last week, her “Miserable Girl” mix, if you will:

1 ) Basketcase- Sara Bareilles

2 ) Turn to Stone- Ingrid Michaelson

3 ) Water Runs Dry- Boy 2 Men

4 ) Samson- Regina Spektor

5 ) Iris- Goo Goo Dolls

6 ) Again- Janet Jackson

7 ) Truly Madly Deeply- Savage Garden

8 ) Some Other Time- Jane Monheit

9 ) Take a Bow- Rihanna

10 ) From Where You Are- Lifehouse

11 ) My Guitar Gently Weeps- The Beatles

12 ) Baker Baker- Tori Amos

13 ) Te Vi Venir- Sin Bandera

14 ) Kiss The Rain- Bille Myers

15 ) If You Ever Come Back- The Script

16 ) Dreams- Fleetwood Mac

You see? She’s miserable and I can’t figure out why. Even when I try to skip a song on her “Miserable Girl” mix, she’ll play something that’s still a little bit depressing. Like Journey or Richard Marx.

I may have to buy her new headphones or something.