Last year my cousin, Katie married a great guy named Seth. Even though he’s part Puerto Rican, Seth has blond hair and blue eyes. My grandmother loves people with blond hair and blue eyes and so she loves Seth.

Like, she really LOVES Seth.

She calls him her boyfriend.

The joke between my cousins and I is that Seth is grandma’s only hope for producing a blond haired, blue eyed grandchild. Emmalyn has blue eyes and is somewhat blond, but that hair will eventually remember that it was sired by a black woman and will turn brown and curly. That’s my theory at least. My theory may be a touch racist. My theory also has nothing to do with actual genetic science.

Now that I’ve given you that bit of back story, you’ll be able to understand the conversation I had with Katie this past weekend.

Katie: Did you call Seth “The Great White Hope?”

Me: Yeah, I was making a joke.

Katie: Wasn’t that what that whale was called?

Me: Whale?

Katie: The whale. Toby Dick!