One thing at which my family excels is honesty. We are, if nothing else, honest with each other in all aspects of life.

For instance, when I told my sister that I was considering getting a pixie cut she said, “Pixie’s are cute. But here is the problem as I see it. You have curly hair. Not a little bit of curl, you have monstrous curly hair. So something with any kind of length will curl up. And you live in FL so blowing it out every morning, while it may not be time consuming, would be utterly futile. Essentially, you would have a jew fro. So if you decided to go forward with a pixie just take the leap, convert and get a yarmulke.”

However, you all know my obsession with God’s chosen people so maybe the pixie is part of my spiritual journey.

My next example is more recent, as it happened this past Saturday when I went out with my uncle, Nigel.

We had gone to see a movie and decided to get lunch afterward, even though my stomach was stuffed to the brim with movie theater popcorn. I’m convinced that they add some kind of filler that popcorn because two mouthfuls in I felt like that girl from Willy Wonka who turned into a blueberry. Anyway, we were eating and Nigel asked me if I had any guys in my life. I answered no, but that there’s one guy I’ve had an interest in for a while. Unfortunately, I don’t think anything will come from it. Nigel agreed because, “If he liked you he would have done something about it.”

He then continued with, “I could see you ending up with an older guy. You don’t have that young girl attitude. Guys your age like girls with some flirt about them. You used to have that when you were younger. You used to have personality.”

“So I have no personality now?”


All I have to say is “meh.”