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I don’t know if this is a side effect from running 6 miles yesterday or if I’m just a gorda, but I’m craving carbs like there’s no tomorrow.

For breakfast I had toast.

For second breakfast I had a bagel.

For lunch I had rigatoni.

For dinner I’m having quinoa.

I want to add some spinach and cranberries to my quinoa, but I can’t. My hands won’t let me. They keep reaching for the parmesan cheese. After the quinoa I will most likely eat brown rice chips. Yes, brown rice chips. Chi-chi found them at Costco and while they look like regular tortilla chips, they have bits of brown rice embedded in them. They taste like organic hell alone, but they’re quite tasty with some asiago melted on top. I doubt these are the kind of nachos the Mexican people had in mind when they invented them.

Please forgive me for my pompous tomfoolery.

Part of me wants to think I’m preggers, but unless God decided that one Savior wasn’t enough that’s highly unlikely. The only thing I can blame my increased appetite on is my increased time on the treadmill. I find this strange because exercise normally suppresses my appetite. After a good run I usually get a craving for tea and strawberries. (Oh I’m British all of a sudden. Cheerio!) I guess 6 miles just make you carb crazy.

If any of you can explain this to me I would greatly appreciate it.

Also, so you don’t think I’m a big fatty bum bum, I don’t normally have two breakfasts. I was so carb crazy this morning that I scoured the office kitchen until I found a bagel in the freezer. I’m not sure how long it had been sitting there, but I was able to defrost it in the microwave and then toast it with some butter.

In all my life I don’t think I’ve ever tasted a bagel so good.

Really, I’m not a big old fatty bum bum.