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On Sunday Julie and I went to a Panic at the Disco concert.

We’ve loved them since our high school days so even though Julie had just come back from Italy and was extraordinarily tired, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see them live. Also, they really don’t come to Florida that often that we could say, “Oh we’ll catch them next time.” Next time could be 5 years from now when we’re pushing thirty and starting to look horribly out of place at a Panic at the Disco concert. As it was we still looked quite out of place considering the median age of the audience was 17. And that was only because Julie and I bumped it up a year.

We also looked out of place because there was also a dress code we didn’t know about that included fantasical make-up and top hats.

Shame we showed up in dresses and sandles looking more Gap than Hot Topic.

But that is a blog for another day.

Now, let me tell you about this concert. To put it in the mildest of terms, it was totally freakin’ awesome. Here are the top five reasons why it was so awesome:

1) The opening bands

      Julie and I had been so focused on Panic that we didn’t check to see who was opening for them. Panic didn’t come on until 9:30, but at 7:30 a lovely little band called Foxy Shazam sauntered onto the stage. I’d never heard of them before Sunday night, but now I wish that every day was a Foxy Shazam day. They are completely off-the-wall-need-to-be-locked-up-and-evaluated- probably-should-have-ritalin-slipped-into-their-Mountain-Dew-bat-fakaka-on-a-horse crazy on stage. In the first five minutes the lead singer spit, did somersaults, threw the mic, jumped on the lead guitarist shoulders, and ate a cigarette. The trumpet player threw his trumpet into the air and caught it, the bassist balanced his bass on his hand, the pianist played with his feet, and the lead guitarist balanced the lead singer on his shoulders while playing an awesome solo. (You should be prepared to hear the word “awesome” about 1000x in this post.) The drummer looked like he wanted to join in the revelry, but he was trapped behind the drum kit. I felt bad for him, but he still seemed quite happy to watch his band mates’ antics.

      Next came fun, a band out of NYC which I also had never heard of, but would like to hear more of them in the future. They weren’t as crazy as Foxy Shazam, but they still lived up to their moniker. They played great music, had good stage presence, and pandered to the audience by playing songs that everyone but Julie and I seemed to know. I love a band that will put its pride aside and cater to their audience. Kudos fun.

2) The commentary

      Julie and I were both English majors in college and so we’re both incredibly witty. Unfortunately for those around us, we don’t always use our powers for good. Since the concert was general admission, we had to get there early in order to get good seats. This allowed us mucho tiempo to people watch. I’m ashamed to say that we made fun of those around us. We made a ton of fun of the people around us. I won’t tell you everything we said, lest you decide we’re no longer fit to be members of the human race and pelt us with wet garbage, but I will leave you with these two exchanges.

Julie: Oh gosh, she looks like she got smacked with an 80’s ugly stick.

Julie: What do you think are under those black cloths?

Me: Midgets?

Julie: They’re too big to be midgets.

Me: Giant midgets?

I’m sorry did I say I was “witty”? I meant “dim-witted.” My mistake.

3) Showmanship

      At one point during the show the lights cut off and the band left the stage. I thought they might be taking a break when all of a sudden a voice said, “Turn around…no seriously, turn around.” Who was behind us? Brendon freakin’ Urie. He came to the back of the amphitheatre and sang an acoustic version of Always to those of us who didn’t want to sit with 14- year-olds, I mean, weren’t able to sit in the front. It was one of the best moments of my life so far. I was ten feet away from Brendon Urie and I loved every second of it.

    Unfortunately for Mr. Urie, he sprained his ankle as he was running back to the stage and had to play the rest of the show on one leg. The band came around their fallen comrade and carried him to and from the stage when they did an encore. They also played a George Michael song while he was having his ankle checked out stage left. That’s brotherhood right there.

4) Getting to see Julie act like a fangirl

      Julie is normally quite calm and grounded. She gets excited about things, but I can’t say that I’ve ever seen her giddy. Now I can say that I have. As we were walking into the amphitheatre, we passed a fenced off area with several buses parked in it. Then the following conversation took place:

Me: I wonder if those are their tour buses. Oh look! People.


Me: Excuse me, I’ve got to go drain the blood out of my ear drums.

That conversation may have been slightly exaggerated.

My memory’s not as good as it used to be.

Also, when Brendon Urie made his little jaunt out into the audience, Julie was within 3 ft of him  in 2.5 seconds. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Julie run that fast in the entire time I’ve known her. She put Olympic sprinters to shame at that moment. All I remember is Julie squealing “OH MY GOSH!” and then seeing Julie’s shoe tearing up the stairs. She was a blur. She knocked down some woman in the aisle which was how I knew where she had gone. It was totally worth it though because she got some great pictures of him.

5) The rain

    We got rained on not once, but twice. Sorry, “rain” isn’t a good descriptor. In reality, we got a torrential downpour of Second Noah proportions. The streets ran white with goth make-up it rained so hard. My cup ranneth over with mirth at seeing the streets run white with goth make-up. Julie had to hide her purse under her shirt because she was afraid her camera might get wet. (I was afraid too because she got some really good pictures of the show. I didn’t tell her that because I prefer to judge rather than sympathize.) Throughout all this (there was also lightning) the band played on.  They played “Carry On Wayward Son” for their encore and that made me twitter with fangirl glee. They get a gold star for pulling out that classic rock gem.

To finish off this insanely long blog, it was a freakin’ awesome way to spend a Sunday night.

Two of my friends are getting married this weekend so I won’t be blogging again until Monday.

Have a great weekend!