As most of you know, I’ll be going to Kenya in July in search of giraffes to volunteer in an orphanage. My group has been raising money for the last year and thanks to God (high five to the trinity!), generous donations from our family and friends, and lots of blood, sweat, and tears, we’re finally in the home stretch. We’ve only got $671 left to raise.

    If you’ve ever had anything to do with a mission trip or actually any kind of trip, you probably know that the money isn’t due the day you leave. The same applies here. We need the money by the end of the week. We need the money yesterday. That’s why I’m shamelessly plugging my trip here. That’s why I’m humbly prostrating myself before you on the internet and asking for your help.

    We need donations like woah.

    If you give us money, I will be your writing slave for a week.

    I will write about whatever the heck you want.

    I will read my blog aloud to you as a bedtime story before you go to sleep.

    I will follow you around and provide color commentary for your day. I’ll say things like, “As Bob walked down the drive way and to his car he wondered what this new and exciting day would bring. Would he meet Chuck Norris at Starbucks? Would he finally find that gold studded bandana that he’d lost in a childhood game of marbles? Only time would tell.”

    I will try my hardest to bring back a giraffe from Kenya for you.

    To put it simply, I’ll do whatever you want (within reason) if you donate money for our trip. It could be five bucks or fifty, we’ll take whatever you can give. Though it sounds clichéd, every little bit gets us there.

    If you feel led to give or would just really like me to sing your praises in a blog, you can donate here http://www.tequestaschurch.net/