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My road rage is quite prolific. The smallest things piss me off when I’m on the road. Driving for me is an exercise in Christian charity and patience. You all know the colossal rage I have when people tailgate. In addition to that unmitigated rage, I also want to slash the tires of anyone who changes lanes without signaling. Seriously, the switch is right next to the wheel.You could use your pinky to flip it on and off. What the heck do you have to lose, besides a possible accident and DEATH!, by turning on your indicator?

However, that is a post for another day.

Probably #3 on my list of car related pet peeves are ridiculous license plates.

My favorites (and by “favorite” I mean most infuriating) are the ones that let me know the driver and I will never, ever be friends. Such as this one:

Yes, children that is indeed a license plate that reads “BELLASWN”

It’s a good thing my sister was the one who spotted this foolishness because I would have slingshotted straight to Hell for what I would have done to the owner of this car. Even though it’s probably a woman behind the wheel (or a very confident gay man) I would have gone all Carrie Underwood Before He Cheats on that car. My distaste for idiocy would not have allowed me to let that car pass by unscathed.

Huh, you know reading this back to myself I think it might be time for me to join an anger management class.