Hula hoop

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The transcript from a recent phone conversation with Chi-chi.

Me: Hey Mom.

Chi-chi: Hey Jace, are you home?

Me: Yeah. I came home early because Uncle Nigel was supposed to help me train and now he’s not here.

Chi-chi: Do you know where he is?

Me: No, he said he’d be home. I told him I’d be here by 6:15. It’s almost seven and I still haven’t exercised.

Chi-chi: Gyasi, I don’t know what you’re complaining about. Exercise by yourself!

Me: He was supposed to help me lift weights.

Chi-chi: So? You’re home! We have dvds! We have a jump rope and a hula hoop! Exercise! Exercise!

      I understand the jump rope, but I’m still not sure how the hula hoop would have done me any good.