One thing they don’t tell you when you graduate college is that you will lose all of your friends.

You will wake up one morning and say, “Whoops, where’d my friends go?”

This also happens after high school, but it still comes as a surprise after college.

Or maybe I’m just one town hall short of being Stupidsville  personified.

After I graduated college this past year, it took me about 2 weeks to realize that my nearest and dearest college friends were all moving away. Only 2 remain in the West Palm Beach area. Out of my 25 PBA friends (yes, I kept count) only two are close enough that I can see them  on a regular basis. And I haven’t see either of them in about a month.

Brian and Julie, if you’re reading this we should really have lunch.

I try my best to keep in touch with my friends and visit as often as I can, which is why I went to Naples on Saturday. Some of my friends live there and they make for a good time. I haven’t seen them in over a year so we spent the day catching up, relaxing with root beer, and trying not to get caught in the torrential downpour that overtook the Naples area at 1pm. We also went looking at wigs and lingerie, but that’s because we’re weird and I enjoy weave and silk.

That evening five of us went to the Marco Island Marriott to celebrate Mike and Sara’s one year wedding anniversary. In attendance were Mike, Sara, Steph! (you have to put an exclamation point after her name because just plain “Steph” doesn’t do her justice), and Sara’s parents, George and Sharon. Steph! had organized for us to have drinks and appetizers at the same restuarant we went to the day before Mike and Sara got married. She also arranged for the same cake we ate at their bridal shower to be delivered to the restaurant (I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone as efficient as Steph!).

We took pictures, talked, laughed, and were about to cut the cake when a waitress at the restuarant spotted it and could not stop talking about how beautiful the cake was. Granted, it was a gorgeous cake, but you would have thought that it was Jesus descending from the heavens in a cloud surrounded by angels and accompanied by “Stairway to Heaven.” She was in raptures over the cake. She went on about the bow, the frosting, the color, and then just as things were getting a bit awkward, she exclaimed for the entire restuarant to hear, “And you can eat it too!”

The table dissolved into laughter.

And I started rummaging through my purse for a pen so I could take notes.

Not that I would ever exploit someone in such a heinous fashion.

Yeah, right.

In my opinion, she was the best waitress ever. She gave me blog material and I am always grateful for that. To make it ever better she was from Long Island which immediately sent me back to the land of nasal long As. She wasn’t our waitress, but she was so nice and chipper that she came by our table several times to chat. She bonded with Sara’s mom over their shared love of dogs and they exchanged pictures.

Sharon and George’s dog is a long haired daschund named “Frank”. The waitress had two dogs: “This is Harley Nicole! This is Sammy Bird because he chases birds!”

After the dog talk she turned her attention to Mike and Sara to ask them the typical questions: how was your first year of marriage? Do you like being married? Do you want to have any kids? When they answered that they hadn’t decided on kids yet, the waitress replied, quick as a whip, “stick with dogs they’re cheaper.”

I hope they don’t take her advice because I’m really planning on those two adopting a Mexican boy child.

Why Mexican?

Why a boy child?

I have no idea.