Star Trek Voyager title

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For Father’s Day this year, my sister and I bought He-Man seasons 1-3 of Star Trek: Voyager.

Because the house DVD player is crap, He-Man has been watching Voyager on my DVD player.

Then, I took it away so I could watch How I Met Your Mother and He-Man realized that the house DVD player was crap.

To remedy this situation, he bought a blue-ray player.




Did you know those things get internet? Did you know that you can watch movies from netflix instantly through them. Did you know they get youtube? Did you know that the picture quality is 100x better? Did you know there’s a little blue light that comes on when you play a blue-ray disc? Did you know…oh…there’s too much. I could go on forever.

Even though I didn’t really care about blue-rays before, I want to become an official cheerleader for the blue-ray squad.  I want blue-ray for President. (I’m just kidding, Obama. I still heart you deep down.) Anything that allows me to get netflix from the comfort of my own couch is a product I fully endorse.

Actually, I take that back.

You should never fully endorse something because it’ll always come back to bite you on the butt.

Watch, in about ten years they’ll discover that blue-rays are actually satan.

And I would have inadvertently endorsed satan.

So, I’m only REALLY excited about blue-ray.

No endorsements.

No satan.