I’ve avoided putting a Jesus fish (an ichthus) on my car because I have terrible road rage.

When I’m driving, I am not an ambassador for Christ.

However, this morning, I realized that I have reached a new level of hypocrisy in my Christian walk.

I was driving along, minding my business, when a song by Israel Houghton came on my iPod. I love some gospel by Israel Houghton. It brings me to a serene, lamb by still waters, warm Jesus hugs kind of place. Even the pumped up ones that make you want to raise the roof while you catch the Spirit put me in a  tranquil state of mind. I was so jazzed that I started to sing along.

And this is what I sang:

“You promised me! You’d never leave! You promised me! I’m never forsaken! I believ- YEILD! YEILD! YOU DON’T COME TO A COMPLETE STOP! YOU YEILD!”

Then I realized what I’d done:

“Mother of crap!”

I spent the rest of my commute praying that the All Mighty Smiter of Smiting wouldn’t smite me where I stood.