Flying spaghetti monster

Image by AcidFlask via Flickr

You can’t make up something this stupid.

On yahoo today:

Austrian Niko Alm fought for three years before he was able to take
his driver’s license photo. Austrian authorities had issues with Alm’s
preferred headgear: a pasta strainer.

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But this week he finally was able to take the picture how he wanted,
thanks to Austria’s religious freedom laws. Alm is a self-described
member of “the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster,” which is
spiking off the charts in Yahoo! Search. The satirical religion, also
known as “pastafarianism,” rejects creationism and says that an
invisible flying spaghetti monster created the universe. The spaghetti
church, which is headed by a “pastafarian primavera,” was founded in
2005 when Kansas schools were under pressure to teach the theory of
intelligent design rather than evolution. On his blog, Alm wrote,
“Today I was able to get my new driving license, and in it you can
clearly see that I’m wearing a colander on my head to demonstrate my
allegiance to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.” It took
three years for Alm to be able to take the photo, because he had to
prove that he was psychologically fit to drive.

The complete article is here if you’d like to read it, but blood may come gushing out of your ears if you do.

I also feel like Bob Marley isn’t turning, rolling, or weeping  in his grave over this.

No, no.

I feel as though he is clawing his way out so that he can go all rasta zombie over this guy and make akee and saltfish from his brain.