Coat of arms of Kenya

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Tomorrow, my dear friends, I leave for Kenya.

Words cannot express how excited, thrilled, anxious, happy, exhilarated I am about this trip. My team has been working on this for over a year. It doesn’t seem like so much time has passed, but yup, it’s been a year of planning, praying, crying, worrying, and trusting. God worked a straight out of the Old Testament miracle on this one because I can’t even tell you where the money for this trip came from. Scratch that: I can.

It came from everywhere I didn’t expect it to come from.

But that’s God’s sense of humor for you.

Since I’ll be in KENYA! for the next 14 days, I won’t be posting any new material, but believe you me, you can expect some hilarious and heartfelt posts when I get back. For now, I will leave you with my predictions for what will happen to us while we’re in Kenya:

 1 ) Rachel will get chased by a wildebeest.

2 ) I’ll take too much Dramamine on the flight and end up seeing pink elephants for three days.

3 ) Kenley will unwittingly become someone’s wife.

4 ) Ariel will accidentally drink the water.

5 ) Chelsea will wake up early everyday to straighten her hair.

6 ) Rachel will get the most mosquito bites.

7 ) Kelly will be beloved by all the children 2.5 seconds after we step off the bus.

8 ) Meredith will pull a Martha Stewart with our supplies.

9 ) I will sit next a creeper on EVERY flight.

10 ) Tesia will strangle me for waking her up at 7am on our last day.

Keep us in prayer!

See you in two weeks!