Here’s the thing about Kenya:

It’s in the southern hemisphere.

This means that when it’s summer here in Florida and your face is melting off, it’s winter there and it’s cold as Africa. That means that when I packed shorts, t-shirts, and sunscreen in my suitcase Jesus and the Holy Spirit were laughing at me.

Some of you might think it’s blasphemous for me to think that Jesus and the Holy Spirit were laughing at me.

But I prefer a laughing deity to a dour one.

I realized the grave fashion mistake I made as soon as I hugged Brittany and realized that she was wearing a sweater.

Then I stepped outside.

And I may or may not have screamed.

Because the roads aren’t very safe to travel at night, we spent the night at a hotel close to the airport. Brittany got Meredith, Tesia, Ariel, and I situated in one room and then got the rest of the group situated in the other. Meredith and Ariel decided to wash the stench of the airplane off immediately so they took the first showers. Tesia and I prefer a morning rinse so we decided to shower the next day. As soon as my head hit the pillow (this was after my backside hit the floor. Our room had bunk beds and I fell off the ladder) I was asleep.

Jetlag my foot.

I awoke the next morning to a piano playing “Bad to the Bone.”

a.k.a Meredith’s iPhone

I fell out of bed again, gathered up my toiletries, and stumbled into the bathroom.

I turned on the hot water and waited for it to get warm.

And waited for it to get warm.

And waited for it to get warm.

And waited for it to get warm.

Ten minutes later the water wasn’t any closer to hot so I took a deep breath and jumped in.


Mother of holy freakin’ crap that water was cold.

It was so cold I had to give myself encouragement to keep showering.

“C’mon Gyasi, you got this! You got this! You show that water who’s boss! Do it! Wash your feet! Wash your feet! Now forearms! COME ON!!!”

That just shouldn’t happen.

By the time I got out of the shower Ariel and Meredith were stirring and getting ready for the day. Meredith was up and about, but Ariel was still laying in bed. She took one look at the icicles forming on my eyelashes and said, “Gyasi, last night when I took a shower, I accidentally turned off the water heater because I thought it was the light switch.”

And then she went back to sleep.

She does not realize how close she came to meeting Jesus that day.