Kelly has a knack for getting to know people.

She was a favorite among the women who cooked for us and several of the kids.

I was astonished by her ability to make friends with people so quickly, considering I’m so socially awkward.

For the majority of our trip, we stayed at the Karundas Center, but when we went to the equator and on safari, we had a bus driver named Peter. To put it mildly, Peter was the best bus driver on the face of the earth ever in existence.

That’s putting it mildly.

Since she gets car sick and Kenyan roads are dirt rollercoasters, she sat in the front seat to minimize her nausea. While she was sitting in the front, she made conversation with Peter. You must know that Peter speaks English with a thick Kenyan accent so sometimes they had trouble understanding each other. As Peter was driving us to the airport our last day, Kelly asked him about his family. This question gave birth to the quote that had us all in hysterical tears for about ten minutes.

Peter answered, “I have four children: Mary, Richard, Pamela, and Titus.

Kelly, not quite understanding, asked, “Tight ass?”